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The Carnival was first held in 1911, used as a way in which to commemorate the Coronation of King George V. That procession consisted of the members of Wem TT Band, the local Scout troupe, members of the U.D.C. masters and pupils of the near-by Grammar School, British School and National School, the Friendly Societies (in their full regalia, including their banners) and the areas parishioners and townsfolk in fancy dress. This was followed by sports events and a dance on the Castle Field, and entertainment at the Cricket Pavilion. The evening consisted of a procession, which was by torchlight, and a Cycle Carnival.

From that day to the present, interest in the Carnival itself has meandered, some years fully focused on it others it was neglected completely. Through wartime and the 60s its popularity sunk for obvious reasons, but was revised fruitfully in 1978 - and has continued every year subsequently, with the original format of the 1911 Carnival still in use to this day.


Come and join us for the 2014 Carnival

We are organizing a host of entertainment. Please keep an eye on our Latest News for information such as the 2014 Carnival Queen